No Tell Motel

One day I felt like shooting a very strange and quirky project inside a vintage motel. I needed to find some place with antique flare but also with a really out-there colour scheme, insane wallpaper and obnoxious carpet. I quickly realized that this place didn’t exist so I figured building it was my only option. I worked with my awesome side-kick Christa and Westside’s one and only Super Davis to build, prop and light this make believe location. I kinda loved building this place. It’s pretty cool that it only gets to exist for maybe a day or two.. a whole weekend if it’s lucky.  

Here are some images that came from this shoot.

Photography:  Nikki Ormerod
Hair/Makeup: Jodi Urichuk & Romy Zack
Wardrobe Stylist: Nadia Pizzimenti
Talent: Alex Lis (Elmer Olsen), Riley (Plutino), Viktoria (Elite)
Assistants: Christa Michelle, Davis Racz, Brendan McNeill

Some behind the scenes of how it all came together!!!

werk it Jodi!!!

werk it Jodi!!!