Desert & Denim

It was so awesome getting to shoot for Desert & Denim in Joshua Tree, California. Meeting all of the incredibly talented makers and artists coming together to share their work was an unforgettable experience. Here are just some of the rad people I ran into throughout the 2 days of this event.

Love in America

Before the Holidays I got to shoot this little project with a couple of models I happen to love. Laurel and Eric from Sutherland Models killed it. Nelly Akbari and Robert Weir completely brought this little dream to life. OK Okay mag published this too which was super cool. Hope to do more of these soon. 

Photography: Nikki Ormerod
Makeup/Hair: Robert Weir
Styling: Nelly Akbari
Talent: Eric & Laurel (Sutherland Models)

You can see the features on OK Okay magazine by clicking here: Part 1 / Part 2

Sophia Monet

Here’s a shoot I did of the gorgeous Sophia. Our girl gang decided to ditch work and go hang out in a No Frills Parking Lot all day. I’m reminiscing about these sunny days pretty hard right about now. Enjoy!

Photography: Nikki Ormerod
Makeup: Erin Winn
Hair: Kirsten Klontz
Wardrobe Stylist: Jaclyn Bonatova
Talent: Sophia Monet (Anita Norris Models)

No Tell Motel

One day I felt like shooting a very strange and quirky project inside a vintage motel. I needed to find some place with antique flare but also with a really out-there colour scheme, insane wallpaper and obnoxious carpet. I quickly realized that this place didn’t exist so I figured building it was my only option. I worked with my awesome side-kick Christa and Westside’s one and only Super Davis to build, prop and light this make believe location. I kinda loved building this place. It’s pretty cool that it only gets to exist for maybe a day or two.. a whole weekend if it’s lucky.  

Here are some images that came from this shoot.

Photography:  Nikki Ormerod
Hair/Makeup: Jodi Urichuk & Romy Zack
Wardrobe Stylist: Nadia Pizzimenti
Talent: Alex Lis (Elmer Olsen), Riley (Plutino), Viktoria (Elite)
Assistants: Christa Michelle, Davis Racz, Brendan McNeill

Some behind the scenes of how it all came together!!!

werk it Jodi!!!

werk it Jodi!!!

Special K - #OWNIT

I shot so many cool faces for this project I couldn't not do a blog post about it! 

Client: Kellogg's Special K
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production: Westside Studio
Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
Retoucher: Nick Leadlay
Digital Tech: Jeff Jaimeson
Assistants: Christa Michelle, Abe Roberto, Davis Racz

We love baby Drake who showed up to the shoot!!

We love baby Drake who showed up to the shoot!!

Check out Special K's commercial of our shoot day, which documents all the behind the scenes as well as the multitude of diverse women we had in front of the camera!

Love these shots from the day taken by my good pal and retoucher Nick 

Love these shots from the day taken by my good pal and retoucher Nick 

ELLE Magazine showing off the ad!

ELLE Magazine showing off the ad!

Sick Kids VS - Fund The Fight

At the risk of sounding cliche, getting to work on the Sick Kids VS campaign was actually life changing. I have to say that once I was awarded the job, I was overcome with equal parts excitement and fear. Suddenly I was extremely aware that I was going to be responsible for telling the stories of over a hundred kids who are battling for their lives at Sick Kids Hospital. I was worried that I might crumble in the face of this reality. When the shoot days came around I learned very quickly that I couldn’t have been more wrong… 

I took away so many cool facts about every person I shot aside from the health issues they face. I learned that Owen loves to skateboard, Emily is a natural actress and Tennyson loves to rock out to Queen. I never had more fearless subjects in front of my lens EVER. 

Some kids left their Summer camps to come and support the hospital that saved their lives. Some kids came downstairs in between chemo treatments. The incredible doctors that saved their lives came down to get a picture with their beloved patients. I got to shoot the surgeons posed like super heroes, which has never felt so appropriate.

Between the battle cries and tiger roars, I got to hang out with these kids and talk about what they love to do. What their favourite movies are, who their favourite musicians are. I began to realize that the VS campaign was actually closer to a documentation rather than a dramatization. The doctors and kids all fight. every day. They ARE warriors. This project put a lot into perspective for me, and for that I'm grateful. Sick is the furthest thing from weak. 

If you would like to donate & help fund the fight, or simply visit the site and read some of these kids stories, please click here

Agency:  Cossette
Creative Director/CW: Craig McIntosh
Creative Director/AD: Jaimes Zentil
Agency Producer: Aimee Churchill
Agency Producer: Dawn-Marie Mills
Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier & Nikki Ormerod

Production:  Westside Studio
Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
Assistants: Christa Michelle, Bryan Ulrich, Jeff Jaimeson, Spencer Robertson
Hair/Makeup: Vanessa Jarman